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Independence Day Speech For Teachers In Hindi English - Speech On 15 August 2018

Independence Day Speech For Teachers: Students Teachers will get 15 August Speech In Hindi English for 71st Independence Day 2018 Celebration. Every year since 15th August 1947 when India was declared as an independent nation free form the British authority the entire country has rejoiced with the sweet aura of freedom. Since then the  Independence Day is the biggest national event of India which is observed on 15th of August across the entire country and every Indian citizen dedicates this day to freedom and to those who fought and gave us this great nation. Celebrate this 15 August 2018 with us and get the independence day speech in Hindi for school programs. 

The celebration of independence day is observed in every corner and is a very important event for schools and the students  who are the future generation of our country. In order to educate these children regarding the importance of liberty and independence day there are functions organized
by the school authority where the them would be Independence Day.

Different plays, parades, and most importantly the flag hoisting ceremony are witnessed and besides these events the initial part of begin the function would be a speech on Independence day. Although there are speech completion among the students who deliver their speech on the occasion of Independence day celebration and relevant aspects.

So here our objective would be to provide direction or  out students who seek little bit of help figuring out their speech for Independence Day. Thus below we have mentioned some key point that may help students to prepare the perfect speech for the competition or for the opening ceremony of Independence day celebration. Get the motivational and best independence day speech for teachers and celebrate this day. 

Independence Day Speech For Teachers :

Check the below given line of independence day speech in hindi for teachers. Note all points and then prepare for the 15 august speech

  • The key factor to start a speech will be the introduction of the student.( In case of competition).
  • Then after the introduction comes the Greetings to every person present.
  • Now deliver speech which has been prepared by the student.
  • Short Speech with good choice of words will be effective.

Hello, My Name is Karan and this is the speech I have prepared  for the occasion of Independence Day. My dear country Honorable Chief Guests, Respected teachers, parents and my dear friends.

Today we are gathered here to celebrate the most important national event of India which is the Independence Day celebration observed every year on this day of 15th of August. When we go back to a specific day of 15th August 1947, we realize the fact that it was this day when our country took its first step towards a brighter future with freedom.

Thus this day the 15th of August has been marked as the Independence Day of India which has been the most crucial achievement for us as a whole nation and due to this we celebrate this day with  freedom. However other than the joy of freedom there lies a shadow of sadness within this day that screams to us back form our long history of struggle for independent nation.

Thus it was because of those souls who gave us this gift and left behind their dream which is now a reality for us as we celebrate our 71st Independence Day. We find glory in our past but still we mourn not only for those heroes we hear about and read in books, stories but all those millions of souls who we lost during the storm of freedom.

Every year on 15th August we celebrate Independence Day proudly and with great enthusiasm because it was on this day which gave us our present and the future which is assured to be the brightest of all. We have come a long way form our past and have walked together as a nation on a glorious path of liberty which gave us much more than we could have wished for as a nation. But still we carve for more because the country we live in has greater potential then we can imagine.

A nation is not Great on its own but rather it is because of those who take shelter under the arms of a nation with formidable unity. Hence Independence Day did give us our freedom as a country but other than freedom we gained something precious which will hold this freedom and that is our Nationality our own identity in this massive world.

So today is the only day which reminds us the struggle in the past, the suffering and pain of our lost ones, the agony of unwanted authority but above all the freedom. Therefore on this occasion of 71st Independence Day celebration of our country let us come together and pledge to lead our
country towards the stairs of greater height and success as a United India.

But most importantly let us shape our present towards our destiny where our future generations witness a prosperous country of abundant joy and harmony  with undying nationalism and love for the nation. Lastly, on this day let us come together celebrate our 71st Independence Day with love, harmony, and patriotism to honor those who fought for our country and transcended towards a different world. Therefore my dear countrymen , daughters of our motherland Happy 71st Independence Day. Hope you like this Independence Day speech for teachers in english. For Independence day speech for teachers in Hindi please visit the homepage of this site. 

Independence Day Speech For Teachers
Independence Day Speech For Teachers 

Independence Day Speech In Hindi For Teachers :

Now here what we would like to try is provide a simple sample of speech on Independence Day celebration through which candidates might be able to extract form points and acquire ideas for preparing their speech. Basically this speech would be more helpful and useful for student who has been asked to deliver a speech on the occasion of Independence Day. 

So here is a short speech on Independence Day for teachers celebration which we have prepared with the hope of providing necessary points for students who needs to provide a speech for Independence Day.

Good Morning Honorable Chief Guests,Respected Teacher, parents and my dear friends.

First off all I would like to wish you all a very Happy 71st Independence Day. It was this day the 15th August of 1947 when our country gained freedom for which our people had to struggle through
various hardships and dishonor. Every year we celebrate Independence Day and remember them with respect and love for what they sacrificed not only for themselves but also for us who are celebrating in present.

The celebration of Independence Day is observed across the entire country where we follow common tradition which begins with the National Flag hoisting and then we sing our National Anthem and finally comes the parades, drills and such other events . In New Delhi the capital of India independence Day is celebrated in its grandest form where huge number of people gather to witness the display of Indian Military force personnel, arms and such other events.

The fact that we celebrate Independence Day with honor and glory is that because our country has suffered and lost its shine  in the past and which we intend to regain because as a country we have huge potential. Independence Day is all about ones patriotism , dedication , love for the country and infinite respect for all those who achieved their dream of freedom.

It is this day when the entire country stands together as a nation and feels the spirit and love for their country which over the year has been a heaven for generations. Although our country has suffered massive losses which has left scars throughout our history that will aches that rises every Independence Day. Therefore as we stand here together to celebrate our precious Independence Day let us remember our past mourn for the souls, and live this day to the fullest and take responsibility of creating a better future. This is the Independence Day Speech Lines For Teachers and Students. 

15 August Speech In Hindi For Teachers :

In last we want to share some images of 15 august speech with all the visitors. Download these 15 august hindi speech images and then prepare for the independence day speech programs. So starting form our 71st Independence Day come together as a united country and take responsibility of our nation to steer towards the path which beholds the destiny of our country loving India. Lastly, once again to each and every Indian all over the world Happy 71st Independence Day.

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