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[#PDF] Independence Day Speech In English PDF - 15 August 2018 Speech Lines In Hindi For Teachers Kids

[#PDF] Independence Day Speech In English PDF: Free download 15 August Speech pdf In Hindi For Teachers Kids students and get independence day speech in hindi pdf file for school students. Hello friends welcome in this website of 15 august independence day speech. Today i am going to share a wonderful and motivational speech on independence day 2018. Hope you like this speech and will use in your  school programs.

Here is the 15 august speech paragraph, so read the speech carefully and understand the speech and then use this speech lines for your independence day school programs. If you like the speech lines then share this with your classmates, friends and teachers.

Using this speech you will motivate and know the important of indian independence day. Check the other article that is on Independence Day Speech For Teachers and Independence Day Speech In Hindi. In those article you will get best and motivational speech lines. Read the speech and then comment here and tell us about the speech lines. If you have a wonderful speech lines in your own word, then comment the speech here and send us on our mail id. Then we will upload or add your speech lines or thoughts in this speech article. 

Independence Day Speech In Hindi PDF 

So lets start the independence day speech in hindi and english. Download the given images of speech lines for better preparation. 

A Very Good morning to all my teachers, parents, guest and classmates. Today we are here for celebrate the biggest national event of india. Friends as you know we are talking about the indian independence day. As you all know independence day is a important day for we all indians. We celebrate this day with great joy and wonderful way. This day is special for all country peoples because on this day we got freedom. This special day is a historical day for we all Indians.

We feel proud to be an indian, because today our country are free and independence and we have our own government and constitution. Before 1947 india were a dependent country and around 200 years we were dependent on British Empire. After too much struggle and freedom fighter sacrifices we got freedom on 15 August 1947. Every year on 15th August we celebrate our freedom day and remember all our great freedom fighters for their sacrifices for our country motherland.

We salute to all our freedom fighters and great leaders who sacrifice their life for free the India from British Empire. On the occasion of independence day we tribute to our freedom fighters and celebrate this national festival or events.

India is a very big country and now in this time India is the 6th largest economy country in the world. As you all know India got their freedom day or we can say independence on 15th august 1947. After this day we got our all fundamental rights and motherland. We feel proud and thankful to took birth on the land of India. This day we got after too much struggle. There are thousands of freedom fighters and country peoples whose sacrifice their life for free the India.

Indian Army Soldier Mangal Pandey first raised his voice against the British empire for the Indian Independence day or for being a independent country. After this their are so many great leaders who raised their voice and start their plan for making India a independent country. We can never forget oyr great leaders sacrifices and the sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Chandra Sekhar Ajad, Shukhdev and many other great leaders.

After the war of independence Gandhi Ji, Nehru Ji, Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bosh start their fight against the British empire for being a independence country. After 200 years struggle our country got freedom on the midnight of 15th August 1947.

Now we are live in a country where we have our full rights. We live without any fear and enjoying our life. So on this day we tribute to all our freedom fighters and remember their sacrifices for our country. Now in this time our country is developing in every filed and we have great personalities in every fields. Now our country is a independence country and going to celebrate its 72nd independence day. thanks to all of you, Jai Hind.

15 August Speech In Hindi PDF For Teachers 

Download 15 August Speech and Independence Day Speech Pdf file for the celebration of independence day. Click on the image and then download it on your mobile or computer. Then open the image and start your preparation for the independence day programs. 

So thanks to all of you and i wish you all a very Happy independence day 2018, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. 

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